Monday, December 10, 2018

Almost Missed You

What's the worst reason you've ever read a book? What you found in a bathroom? Stuck in an airport? I picked this up because it was set in Cincinnati. Well, that's not a good enough reason. I regret everything. By the way, I've found some interesting things in people's bathrooms. Very interesting. *wags eyebrows*

Have you ever heard of Chick Lit? I hate that term as well as the genre. Someone I know at work who reads even more than I do was giving me book recommendations. She said: "Do you like romance?" My coworker who doesn't even know what I read almost interjected. "No!" So this isn't really Chick Lit but more like Mom Lit? Which is really not my thing. So not my thing. Almost Missed You is about a kidnapping by a parent and it's about motherhood and all the children and romances and weird husbands doing irrational things. Pregnancy, childbirth, and profoundly stupid names. Yes, it's as dumb as it sounds. But they mentioned Fountain Square! Yea!....(whimpers softly).

I've read worst books, believe me, and I finished it so that's something. It's just that this was written by a normal person. Like, pathologically normal. You know, someone who thinks Death Cab for Cutie is "edgy." Despite having 'Nati references you should probably skip this one.

Technically there is a cocktail called a Cincinnati but it's a joke cocktail. Boo!  Booooo!  We can do better. This is really tame--just like the book...: Apple Cider Mule:  2 ounces of vodka, 3 ounces of sparkling apple cider, 2 ounces of ginger beer.  Pour into a glass or mug with ice and garnish with an apple slice and cinnamon stick.


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    1. Your time is too valuable for this. Read A Gentleman in Moscow instead. :)