Sunday, June 14, 2015

In a Suburned Country

Learn from my mistake: Do not read a book about Australia while you are on a beach vacation.  What was I thinking? Especially after that stingray swam right next to me.  He didn't touch me but it was both awesome and a little scary. I think they are unlikely to kill you unless you are Steve Irwin, and if I recall, he was trying to french kiss that ray.  No means no with a stingray.

This is a Bill Bryson book so it is full of funny stories (mostly self-deprecating) and lots of nerdy facts.  You may not be entirely enthralled with all of the topics, but he never dwells on any of them long enough for it to make the book boring. He is doing research so it makes you feel like a slacker when you are travelling and the idea of going to all of the little museums has no appeal for you at all. Putting more food in my mouth hole is apparently the number one priority when I'm on vacation.  At least Bryson drinks more than I do when he travels with is quite the accomplishment.

This book is a little dated already, but Australia is still full of venomous creatures. In South Carolina I did see a stingray and three and half small alligators. Oh, and a dead jellyfish (probably not a "box" jellyfish--which is the most innocuous name for the nastiest thing ever--they should be named tormentors). I did see lots of bros and whoo-hoo girls. Those are mildly irritating but rarely deadly.

Apparently one classic Australian summer cocktail is the Dry and Dry: One and half ounces dry vermouth, add to a highball glass with high quality ginger ale, ice and garnish with a lime wedge. Drink in January--what? Everything is backwards!

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