Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Thirsty Narrator Recommends

I think three years plus is enough time to make a list of books I recommend from this blog. This is not a list of the best blog posts because that is a completely different list.

"Normal" Fiction: All The Light We Cannot See. Also good: Luminaries and Middlesex.

Classics: Watership Down (such an awesome book). Also good: Count of Monte Cristo, David Copperfield.

Non-Fiction:  Power of Habit (I broke my video game habit because of this book).  Also good: Devil and the White City, Alex and Me, In a Sunburned Country.

Mysterious Fiction (Books that bridge the gap between literature and fantasy): The Bone Clocks, Golem & The Jinni.  Also good: 1Q84 and A Tale for a Time Being. Note 3 or the 4 authors have lived in Japan--mysterious indeed.

Sci-Fi & Dystopian: Oryx and Crake (the whole Madd Addam Trilogy is good), Also good: Ready Player One (soon to be a movie --YES),Wool, Station Eleven, Kindred.

Fantasy: High: Name of the Wind.  This book has a bit of a cult following.

Fantasy Urban: The Rook.  Also good: Ocean at the End of the Lane, Anubis Gates,

Fantasy Weird: Perdido Street Station (and I mean weird). Acceptable: Jeff Vandermeer's Southern Reach Trilogy.  

Cocktails!  I must admit, unlike the books, I have not tried every single cocktail on the blog but here are few of my (many) favorites:

Gold Rush which a bourbon based cocktail with ginger liqueur and fresh lemon juice.

Pegu Club which is a gin based cocktail made with orange liqueur and fresh lime juice.

Manhattan which is a classic drink.  I make mine with Rye and a high quality sweet vermouth.  

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